Freya Trip Report From John Bonner

As of May 24, we have sailed over 550 nautical miles (with about 200 miles remaining). We have experienced every point of sail that a boat is capable of, and in the face of stiff winds, Freya has met every challenge with a determination that does not exist in some boats. She held up proudly to winds driving her to speeds of 8 to 9 knots, which is well above her cruising speed of 5 knots. The repaired mast and tiller performed magnificently, as did the crew.

We had a moment after leaving the St Mary’s Inlet in Georgia: with the sun setting, we were accompanied by several dolphin riding the bow and surfing our wake. We got the feeling that they were welcoming the Freya back to the sea. We were thinking maybe Gilbert Klingel was with us, and enjoying every moment on the boat, and smiling.

The crew has experienced long days on the helm fighting the strong winds that drove the Freya so hard. We will remember this trip until the fog of time takes it away. It was an honor for us all, and the help we received to get her into shape for this trip has been invaluable in bringing this effort to fruition. Gilbert Klingel was a man to be remembered and the Freya celebrates him.

Pictured at top (left to right): Donnie Pressley, Robbie Bonner and David Powers

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  1. I’m glad to hear Freya and crew have done so well. I know how hard everyone has worked to get the ole girl sailing, and it’s absolutely amazing what a handful of dedicated people can accomplish! I look forward to seeing you all on the Chesapeake Bay!

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