Freya Homecoming Celebration

We had a great turnout for the Freya Homecoming Celebration on June 3rd. Thanks to all the volunteers and donors who made it possible to bring her back to Gwynn’s Island and to all who participated in the welcome celebration! It’s now time to restore Freya, so there’s a continuing need for donations. Our immediate goals are to: 1) bring her back to original specifications and have here registered as a historical landmark; and 2) ensure she is a safe and reliable vessel for educational use . . .such as that by Sea Scouts.

Freya is home!

Freya Returns to Gwynn's Island
The sailboat Freya returns to Gilbert Klingel’s historic boatyard on Gwynn’s Island, Virginia.

Supporters welcome Freya.

Freya Sailboat Welcome Party
During the Freya Homecoming Celebration (June 3, 2017), a welcome party is gathered to greet boat and crew.
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