Mathews High School Involved

Students From Mr. Applegate’s Engineering Class at Mathews High School will be helping to compile and distribute Information about Freya’s Journey home to Gwynn’s Island. Sam Carmine, Shawn Davis and Alec Thompson (pictured above) will use social media outlets in conjunction with a GPS tracking system to chronicle the journey of Freya all the way from Florida back home to Mathews, VA.

Freya is resting in St. Augustine waiting for her rigging to be dressed out. Looks pretty good for an old girl! We are keeping an eye on improvements in the Intracoastal Waterway, information is coming in daily on the locations of shallows and obstructions that we need to avoid. Remind me to take a shovel with me in the Spring, maybe I should be resting also. We are halfway to meeting our goal of $4,000 to complete the repairs and sail her home. Please help us if you can.

Freya sailboat moored
Freya awaits her mast and rigging while moored in Florida.

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