Images from the Premiere at MHS

The Premiere Showing of the PBS Documentary “The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel” took place at the Mathews High School auditorium on July 15, 2018.  For those who were unable to attend this showing, here are a few photos of the event. (Photos courtesy of Peggy Crowder, VPA.)

photo of crowd from premier
We had a good crowd that afternoon. Tom Robinson, Master of Ceremonies, is seen down by the stage getting ready to introduce the film and the film crew.
John Bonner, Skipper of the Freya, (with Tom) speaking about the Freya and the Sea Scout Program.
Marcy Benouameur, daughter of Gilbert Klingel, (with Tom) talking about her father.
Dave Miller, Director/Producer of the film, speaking about the amazing journey we took through Gilbert’s life while producing this documentary.
After the film – the rush to buy books and DVDs.
John Bonner, Dave Miller, and David Powers (Cinematographer who filmed from the Freya on the journey back home).

This film was sponsored by the Mathews Maritime Foundation and produced with fantastic support from the Marine Environmental Research Corporation, B&C Seafood, Davenport & Company and contributions from our local community and others across the country who knew GiIbert Klingel and wanted his story to be told.

The journey through Gilbert’s life has been a magical trip.  As we researched each aspect, we discovered people and events that we had little or no knowledge of and this took us further into his life and times.  For us, it was a labor of love.

Before the show there was some music played by a wonderful twosome, Andrew and Jonathan, whose original music is heard in parts of the film.  They were given a hearty welcome.

Gwynn’s Island song writer John Atkinson is also thanked for his original music which can be heard at the beginning of the film and at the very end with his “Ode to Wilson Rowe”, a song written about a Gwynn’s Island waterman.

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