Winter sail

Our Scouts, two girls and one boy, sailed Sunday in Milford Haven. The Freya is currently out of the water for the winter. Shown sailing here is the 32 foot Endeavour.

Freya Return Delayed

Freya sailboat dry docked

Initially scheduled for a fall 2016 departure from St. Augustine, FL, Freya’s return to Gwynn’s Island, VA has been postponed due to hurricane damage to parts of the Intracoastal Waterway. Hurricane Matthew did much damage on the waterway making it difficult for a safe trip. Current plans are to bring the boat home to Mathews …

Bringing Freya Home

The Freya Sailboat Project

Built by Gilbert Klingel at his Gwynn’s Island boatyard in the mid-1950s, the Freya is currently docked in St. Augustine, Florida. Tom Robinson of Moon, VA heard the boat was for sale and contacted her owner, Tim Loncarich, who agreed to donate her to the Mathews Maritime Foundation for use as an educational vessel. Robinson …