February Update



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The biographical film, “The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel” is deep in post production and editing. It’s release to television and DVD is expected in mid 2018. National Geographic has contributed heavily to the film with both archival photos from the aquascope project and film shot in 1953 in Mathews Virginia.

Klingel’s story is full of history and accomplishments of this Chesapeake Bay naturalist. The film team has discovered rare film footage, personal photos, and a wealth of Klingel’s writings and observations making this a comprehensive and remarkable story of the Chesapeake and of Klingel in the 20th century.

The film project is centered at the Mathew’s Maritime Foundation Boat Shop on Gwynn’s Island, where Klingel built his steel hulled boats, and will be an educational and historic work to increase interest and understanding of the bay area. Please support us in completing this wonderful project by contacting the Mathew’s Maritime Foundation and visit their website at www.mathewsmaritime.com.


The Aquascope on pontoon barge at Gwynn’s Island, Virginia
Photo Courtesy of National Geographic
Chesapeake Bay naturalist, Gilbert Klingel, late 1920’s early 1930’s
Gwynn’s Island Boat Shop as seen from above, facing west
Photo Courtesy of Dave Miller