Freya Trip Preparation

I was in St. Augustine, FL during the last weeks of October working with others to prepare Freya for her return to Gwynn’s Island (left to right pictured above: Bob Bonner, John Bonner, Donnie Pressley and Robie Bonner).

The engine was first on the list: all fluids and filters were changed and she started right up. Diesels are great! Installation of the lifelines was next on the list: it proved to be a more difficult task, but with a bit of sweat and perseverance it was completed. The largest task is the mast: it needed to be sanded and the problem areas of identified and repaired. We got a good start on this one and expect it will be completed before I return to Florida during early May.

sailboat mast repair
Bob Bonner hard at work repairing Freya’s mast.

She was launched on the 31st and found a safe berth at Bob Bonner Construction boatyard on the San Sebastian River. Bob will continue work on her until she’s ready for her May 2017 voyage to Virginia.

mastless sailboat
A mastless Freya is motors to her new berthing location.

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